beauty everywhere.

Porfido f.lli Pedretti stones are used from the best architects and designers in order to realize and to embellish important projects.


interior decoration

Design kitchens, showrooms equipment, shops and restaurants; interior covering and flooring in refined lofts, a very time touch, unique and precious: a guarantee of success and elegance.

public and private building

The fascination of the natural stone, under sunlight. Coverings for valuable buildings and perfect integration with every kind of environment.

urban decoration

Public works inside the building process of a modern town squares, streets, benches and all the necessary elements to make better the outside life and movement, to be ever and firmly integrated.

design components

Creativity moulds stone making common use objects, but not so common. A very rich inspiration for the entire house and for every style of house.

quartz surfaces

Silestone®, consisting of more than 94% of natural quartz: hardness, strength and variety of textures and colors, for a result that stands out.

funerary art

An indelible memory celebrated with grace and eternity of the stone. These peculiarities, with a contemporary design, in everlasting memory.