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Porfido F.lli Pedretti has been operating in the stone sector for three generations, with a vision constantly projected to the future, offering a stone selection that it researches and chooses with care.

For 50 years it carries out the Vallecamonica Porphyry, unique stone in the world, whose character is strong and incomparable and particularly appreciated by architects and designers.

Since 2015 Porfido F.lli Pedretti society has the monopoly of a Porphyry quarry in Renon, in the province of Bolzano, and it extracts the Grigioverde and the Giallogiotto Porphyry.

Porfido F.lli Pedretti follows every step of the production, from the stone selection to the stone laying, always satisfying any clients’ request.

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The beauty

The Porfido F.lli Pedretti’s stones have been used by the best architects and designers to realize and decorate important projects in different fields such as construction industries, interior designs and urban designs. A selection shown below, amply expressed in the menu Realizations.